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Get It was previously known as Clean and Protected due to the fact that it contained software that would keep a computer clean and protected. However as time has gone on, I have decided to include other software that I regularly use, hence the need for a new name.


Please read the Get It disclaimer that is linked to below.

Welcome to Get It

Get It is basically a site for anyone that wants to find good software but without lots of trawling through loads of information. It contains the software that I use and have used for a long time, if it was bad in any way then I would not recommend it.

The site has been divided into sections, with "Essential Software" possibly being the most important, the software in this section is a must have just to help in keeping your computer running smoothly, as well as protecting your private information from prying eyes. The "Alternative Software" section has some small and lightweight alternatives to the usual bloated software that can come as standard (or be recommended as standard) on a lot of computers. The "Other Software" section contains the software that I have chosen to use over the years for all manner of things, you might see for instance that there is more than one image editing program, but that is because I will use different programs to achieve different results. The "Add-ons" page has add-ons (which are basically little programs that add themselves to a particular program) that can enrich a computer experience or provide even more security.

There is no firewall software mentioned anywhere though, the reason for this is because most people use routers in their homes these days which will more often than not include a hardware firewall, this hardware firewall combined with the built in Windows firewall will provide ample protection without bogging your system down with more software running.

There is a "Guides" page that has a couple of easy to follow guides that will assist you in using the Essential Software. The "Links" page contains links to very useful online resources.

All software descriptions are excerpts taken from the software developers websites. Use the "Get It" now links to go to my preferred download locations for each of the programs, or click the Software Homepage links to read more from the developers websites.